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About Us

Organisational Profile

Safer Together, a group of volunteers from the Muizenberg community arranges a wide range of fun events to give members of the Greater Muizenberg community an opportunity to get to know one another, and to raise funds for various safety-related and community-building initiatives. Safer Together has started to become a way-of-life many people in the area.

About Safer Together

The group was formed in mid-2008, to work together and support other organisations promoting safety in the Greater Muizenberg area. It is a Section 21 Company and helps to raise awareness of safety and security issues that affect all in the community. Specifically, Safer Together builds safety by building community and this includes all members of the Greater Muizenberg community. Safer Together is working with organizations like the MID, MCSI Neighbourhood Watch, the Residents' Association, False Bay Tourism and Business Association and various community and business leaders, to seek creative and appropriate solutions to relevant community challenges.

The Safer Together team is comprised of volunteers from the local community and they are:


Truida Prekel - Co-founder of Safer Together

Truida Prekel

Creative problem-solving, innovation and change management are Truida’s main areas of practice. She is also co-founder and leader of SynNovation Solutions. The SynNovation team of skilled thought-catalysts uses a unique approach to help clients in small and large businesses, education, government, NGOs and communities to keep ahead of their game. Together they tackle new opportunities or tough challenges by innovative thinking and planning, followed by effective collaborative action. Her other areas of expertise and interest are gender and diversity management, skills development, team effectiveness, interpersonal relations, communication, and personal and career development of individuals. She pioneered work on the development of the management potential of South African women in the 1970s. She has played – and still plays – an active role in transformation in South Africa.

The Synectics approach (, on which the SynNovation approach is based, was highly successful in helping to create safer communities in the USA, particularly in Boston and New York in the 1990s and early 2000s. This was one of the inspirations for starting Safer Together, which uses collaborative problem-solving and community building to promote safety and development in the Muizenberg area.


Melanie Burke (Director)

Melanie Burke

A former banker and information technology specialist, Melanie operates as an independent change practitioner and in this capacity she is associated with several organisations, across the private, public and civil society sectors where she brings to bear her expertise regarding Leadership Development, Collaboration, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.


Glendyr Dade (Director)

Glenda Dade

Glendyr has lived and worked in the False Bay area for most of her life. She is passionate about the sea and swims in the ocean all year round. Amongst other things she is a real estate agent who has practised in the False Bay area for the past 28 years. She owns her own business in Muizenberg. Glendyr is passionate about people and community. Real estate allows her to interact with her local community on a very personal and intimate level, and her involvement with Safer Together and other community initiatives allows her to interact with her community and the broader community on a completely different level thereby satisfying her passion for people and their needs, whether they be property needs or basic human needs.

Glendyr has served on various committees - the local Ratepayers Association, neighbourhood watch, as a counselor at SAPS Comfort room and on the committee of a children's home.


Petholen Hallett (Director)

Petholen Hallett

Known to everyone as Pat, she is crazy about Muizenberg, and coastal living has always been her dream. She has over 25 years’ experience in office administration and is currently the head of Seeff False Bay Conveyancing Department, based in Muizenberg. Pat's true passion is community development and to improve the community socially, culturally & morally. She is dedicated and committed to any project presented. Pat has established herself with those around as the “ear” that will listen and wouldn’t mind rolling up her sleeves to help, regardless of who is asking.


Liz Linsell (Director)

Liz Linsell

Liz is a communications and marketing professional with over 30 years' management experience in marketing and advertising in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the UK. Her communications consultancy develops fundraising strategies and marketing campaigns for NGOs. Liz established the Legacy Programme for the Children's Hospital Trust at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital and is a board member of the Zandvlei Conservation Trust.


Melanie Loubser (Director)

Melanie Loubser

Melanie settled in Muizenberg around 2000, "the beginning of the change" she says "that I have been so fortunate in experiencing first hand over the years. I feel it is time for me to get involved in any way I can to continue building the MAGIC that is Muizenberg." Melanie is a Jill of all trades, having worked in Advertising, Television Production, Construction, Conferencing and in advanced Maritime training in the Shipping Industry.


Sindiwe Magona (Director)

Sindiwe Magona

Sindiwe - author, poet, playwright, essayist, translator, storyteller, actor, and inspirational speaker - retired from the United Nations in New York in 2003, where she had worked in public information, radio and communication. After 20 years in the United States, she relocated to her home country, South Africa. She has received numerous awards in recognition of her work in women's issues, HIV-AIDS, the plight of children, and the fight against apartheid and racism.


Bronwyn Redding-Jones (Director)

Bronwyn Redding-Jones

Bronwyn lived in Muizenberg in early 2000s, when it was still “pretty rough in the Village”. After 8 years in Dubai, working in the retail real estate industry, she returned to Muizenberg with her family at the end of 2013. She was inspired by the positive change she saw and wanted to be part of this collective community effort that is clearly helping to take back our beautiful Muizenberg and restore it to its full potential.

Bronwyn has her own marketing management consultancy and is also involved with various community projects in and around Muizenberg on a voluntary basis. This includes a CBO in Overcome Heights near Vrygrond called Rubber Garden, for which she is the founding volunteer.  


Marion Wagner (Committee Member)

Marion Wagner

Marion returned to South Africa in 2011 having worked in London for 10 years as part of her 20 year stint with Shell. In March 2011 she left Shell to change direction and to “give something back” and has since been actively involved in community activities.

Marion is the Interim Director of Breadline Africa, the Chair of the Muizenberg Improvement District and an active volunteer with the Homestead Street Childrens Project in District 6. She is also a committee member of the MCSI (Neighbourhood Watch) and an active volunteer wildfire fighter with the VWS.