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Annual Review

Chairman’s Message

It is with great delight that I table my final report as Chairman of Safer Together. It has been a pleasure to lead this organisation and work with all our stakeholders over the last 5 years (2009-2014).

The Safer Together team is made up of some of the most dedicated and committed volunteers who care deeply about the cause of building community while we are taking care of issues  relating to community safety.

Safer Together started small and has remained a small organisation,  with a wide reach. I would like to acknowledge the two co-founders, Truida Prekel and Elizabeth Milne who continue to serve the Greater Muizenberg community through their foresight, insight and even hindsight. We wish Elizabeth well as she relocates to the Eastern Cape during 2015.

Margaret and Peter Dugmore, although no longer members of Safer Together also continue to make a difference in our community in various ways. Paul Ellis-Smith has relocated to the United Kingdom and wish us well. Sindiwe Magona continues to support our work with women, in spite of a gruelling travel schedule. Liz Linsell and Glendyr Dade are usually to be found at most community events and provide extra hands and feet when required.

Marion Wagner and Trevor Snyders also continues to serve and support the interests of our homeless community and the neighbourhoodwatch.

Petholen Hallett is always available to put her shoulder to the grindstone and Melanie Loubser has been a great organiser and very capable doer!

I have no doubt that the hard work of building the Safer Together community and to support other local organisations will continue to enhance the vision of the organisation and its partners and other collaborators.

It has been a pleasure to serve Safer Together in the role of Chairman of the Board and I am excited to see what the organisation will bring under the leadership of Truida Prekel, who will serve in an acting capacity until such time as a new candidate is approached and appointed.

I wish Safer Together well into 2015!


Melanie Burke : Chairman - Safer Together



Muizenberg Moonlight Meander

The Muizenberg Moonlight Meander has increased in popularity and is now a firm fixture on Cape Town’s event calendar. We have been able to draw crowds of between 150 and 200 people. Restaurants also stay open on the nights of the Muizenberg Moonlight Meander and this supports the economic activities in the area. We did the popular Heritage Meander again this year in collaboration with the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society and several other local and community based organisations often partner with us and receive the proceeds from the Muizenberg Moonlight Meander.

Womens Day Event

Our women’s day celebration was held in collaboration between various locla organisations and the first part was hosted at False By College in August and the second part at Capricorn Primary School in December.  Our speaker was Sindiwe Magona who reminded women about their roles, responsibilities and rights as women.  Much laughter and conversation was the order of the day, at both events.

Homeless Initiative

For some two and a half years Safer Together (in particular Marion Wagner) and other community based organisations have been working to progress the plight of homeless people in our carea.  We continue to work towards solutions that will restore dignity to all concerned.

Muizenberg Festival

Safer Together also collaborated with the Muizenberg Festival, which was part of the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 initiative.

Great Gatsby

We hosted a community building and fundraising evening at the Masque Theatre to watch the Great Gatsby and invited people to dress up in the theme of the time. A delightful evening was spent in the company of friends and neighbours.



The Muizenberg Improvement District   The Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative

False Bay College                                             Muizenberg SAPS

Mountain Men                                                  Grit Security

The Masque Theatre                                       Kalk Bay Theatre

Cape Town Tourism – Muizenberg VIC   Knead Bakery

Empire Café                                                       Neigbourhood Watch Association            

SynNovation                                                      Bombay Chilli

Lagerchinos                                                        George Witfield College


Safer Together continues to serve its mandate of fundraising for community safety initiatives, working towards building community, collaboration and inclusion in the Greater Muizenberg area.  We thank you all for your kind support during the year and we look forward to seeing you all again at the various community activities. We also encourage you to support the Safer Together volunteers as we help make our community a model for working together and building the kind of community where we all can live