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Muizenberg Moonlight Meanders

Our monthly Muizenberg Moonlight Meander has become a popular event – not so much a big fundraiser, but an opportunity for people to get to know one another, for families to enjoy the beach together, and to get good exposure and press publicity for Safer Together. We have also convinced the City to fix the lights on the beachfront, and now it seems the community has got the message, and “taken the beach back”. Almost every evening, large numbers of people are walking on the beach – not only on our once-a-month events! This is now a monthly event on the Saturdays closest to full-moon – subject to weather. Local businesses value the traffic the “MMM” has brought their way, while we have had some support from the MID, and we work closely with various neighbourhood watches. Positive outcomes of the Meander have been:

  • ‘Taking the beach back” as a safe place for the community to congregate and have fun
  • Creating family events and offering low-cost or free activities for children and families together
  • Creating positive awareness of Muizenberg’s attractions as a tourism destination
  • Showcasing the improvements in the Blue Flag beachfront area to help counter the negative image of Muizenberg
  • Generating a sense of community spirit and togetherness and through this encourage neighbourliness and caring attitudes, with awareness of the contributions of neighbourhood watches to safety.
  • Creating a space for Muizenberg’s culturally diverse communities to meet on the beach to further understanding and friendships.

As the Muizenberg Moonlight Meanders grow in stature and reputation, we hope they will become one of Cape Town’s established events in the same vein as the Signal Hill Full Moon Walks and the Paarl Rock full moon picnic.

Muizenberg Moonlight Meanders in 2017:-

14 January, 11 February, 11 March, 08 April, 06 May, 10 June, 08 July, 05 August, 02 September, 07 October, 04 November, 02 December