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Entrepreneur EXPO 2012

The Muizenberg Pavilion was abuzz with people, music, good food, colour, plants and small business over the weekend.  Despite cold weather and occasional rain the event attracted an estimated 2000 visitors.  There were over 70 stands, mostly run by small businesses offering a wide range of products and services. The event was organised by The Admin House, itself a small business offering services to entrepreneurs. 

The City of Cape Town supported the event, and the Mayco Member for Economic and Social Development, Alderman Belinda Walker, emphasised the importance of entrepreneurs in our economy when she officially opened the EXPO.  She also awarded the prize to the winner of the best stall, Mirellad’Offici of Memories Are Forever Events.  


The NGO Safer Together had a stand on community safety, and invited other organisations with which they co-operate to join to show how different groups in Muizenberg collaborate, and have productive fun together: The MID, the Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative neighbourhood watch, the Historical Society and The Muizenberg Partnership.  For example, the Beach Buddies is a shared initiative – and there was a raffle to raise funds for the Buddies.

Text: Truida Prekel