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2013 Review

Chairman’s Message

While I reflected on the 2013 activities of Safer Together I couldn’t help thinking of the history of the organisation and would like to reflect some of the growth and development that has taken place since 2004.

The core team of directors have remained the same with the executive committee, Melanie Burke, Truida Prekel, Glendyr Dade, Liz Linsell and team members Marion Wagner and Pat Hallett have joined the team;  Sindiwe Magona continues to hold a non-executive role and Margaret Dugmore has also become a non-executive director but remains closely linked with the activities of the organisation.

While we still continue to support the fundraising activities of safety related organisations, our main focus has been the Homeless Initiative.

I continue to be grateful for the support of and collaboration with other organisations like the Muizenberg Improvement District, South African Police Service Muizenberg, False Bay Business and Tourism Association, Cape Town Tourism Muizenberg, False Bay College, Empire Café, Knead Bakery, Living Grace, CCFM, Checkers Muizenberg, George Whitefield College, Epic Print and others. Also for the interest of the media, who have helped us to bring our events to the attention of the public, especially our local papers the People’s Post and the Echo. Thank you also to online media who support us.

But none of this would have been possible if we did not have 100s of members of our community who participated in our activities and supported our efforts to build safety while building community – so thanks to all you, young and old, for being part of Safer Together.

Melanie Burke : Chairman - Safer Together



Muizenberg Moonlight Meander

The Muizenberg Moonlight Meander continues to draw regular monthly crowds and is a firm fixture on Cape Town’s event calendar.

We celebrated our 5th birthday with balloons on the beach at the December Meander by launching our Safety Beach Tips Flyers which were developed in conjunction with SAPS. We were joined by Cape Town Tourism who handed out key ring with safety tips and contact numbers to walkers. We have also re-started our Bags of Love campaign towards the end of the year.

Homeless Initiative

The main focus of our activities during the year under review has been the Homeless Initiative. I have attached a separate report on this.


The Muizenberg Improvement District

The Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative

Muizenberg SAPS

Cape Town Tourism – Muizenberg Office

Knead Bakery

Empire Café

Neigbourhood Watch Association


Common Purpose

Local businesses

Edwin Genade, City of Cape Town

Department of Social Development, City of Cape Town

Councillor Dave D’Alton, City of Cape Town

Alderman Felicity Purchase, City of Cape Town


Safer Together continues to serve its mandate of fundraising for community safety initiatives and working towards building community, mainly through collaboration and partnerships.

We thank you all for your kind support during the year and we look forward to seeing you all again at the various community activities. We also encourage you to support the Safer Together volunteers as we help make our community a model for working together and building the kind of community where we all can live in harmony.