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2012 Review

Chairman’s Message

While I reflected on the 2012 activities of Safer Together I couldn’t help thinking of the pleasure to be at the helm of an organisation that is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers. I would like to start my report by appreciating the members of the Safer Together team.

Truida Prekel, with her boundless energy and enthusiasm for building bridges has been a mainstay in the team. She is always willing to take on the big issues like the Muizenberg Homelessness Initiative as well as making sure our relationships with other interested organisations remain constant. I cannot express in words my appreciation for Margaret Dugmore with her flair for administration and other secretarial activities. Sadly, she has stepped back from her role as secretary at the end of 2012. We will miss her support enormously and want to thank her for a professional and organised handover. Glendyr Dade continues to be supportive in a substantial way and her appreciation for Muizenberg is well-known. Liz Linsell, who works with tight deadlines to constantly spread the news about Safer Together in the media. This has really helped raise the profile of Safer Together. Marion Wagner works tirelessly to engage with issues in the neighbourhood and her commitment to the Street Children’s programme is invaluable. Sindiwe Magona always generously supports us and was the speaker at our Women’s Day event in Vrygrond.

Megan Ellis-Smith has been superb as the master-mind behind the Winter Soiree again in 2012 and even though she no longer serves in the team, is always willing to work with us if her schedule permits.

We also welcome new member Pat Hallett to the team.

I am grateful for the support of and collaboration with other organisations like the Muizenberg Improvement District, South African Police Service Muizenberg, False Bay Business and Tourism Association, Cape Town Tourism Muizenberg, False Bay College, The Homestead, Theatre in the Muze, Empire Café, Knead Bakery, The Jungle Theatre, The Masque Theatre, Living Grace, CCFM, St James Retirement Hotel, Harbour House Restaurant, Checkers Muizenberg, George Whitefield College, Copy, Coffee and Bytes, The Upper Crust, Palmer Road Rotisserie, Lagerchinos, and The Village Pizzeria.    Also for the interest of the media, who have helped us to bring our events to the attention of the public, especially our local papers the People’s Post and the Echo. Thank you also to online media who support us.

But none of this would have been possible if we did not have 100s of members of our community who participated in our various events – so thanks to all you, young and old, for being part of Safer Together.

Melanie Burke : Chairman - Safer Together



Muizenberg Moonlight Meander

The Muizenberg Moonlight Meander has increased in popularity and is now a firm fixture on Cape Town’s event calendar. We have been able to draw crowds of between 150 and 200 people. Restaurants also stay open on the nights of the Muizenberg Moonlight Meander and this supports the economic activities in the area. We did the popular Heritage Meander again this year in collaboration with the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society, who led the walk of historical buildings, including the Synagogue, Station, Het Posthuys, Police Museum and Casa Labia.

We celebrated our 4th birthday with balloons on the beach at the November Meander.


Winter Soiree

The June fundraiser was a Winter Soiree arranged by Megan Ellis-Smith and brought together a varied group of talented local musicians, including pianists, string players, flautists and singers to provide a feast of light classical music for all of us to enjoy in good company in a gracious environment of the Casa Labia. As in the past, a very lovely and enjoyable evening was had by all.


Tourism Safety

We were privileged to have Enver Duminy, the executive director of Cape Town Tourism speak to a group of people and for Safer Together to be introduced to a broader network. We are grateful to Melanie Vermaak and her team at False Bay College for hosting this event and providing their hospitality students with an event to showcase their skills.


Goggos and Girls Womens Day Event

Our women’s day celebration was held in collaboration with Vrygrond Community Trust and our speaker was Sindiwe Magona who reminded women about their roles, responsibilities and rights as women. We shared a meal and were entertained by the youth of Vrygrond. Much laughter and conversation was the order of the day.

Small Business Expo

Safer Together supported the City of Cape Town Small Business Expo and has a stand at the event. Many exhibitors shared success stories and Safer Together showcased the successes of communities collaborating to make safety a priority. A raffle on the day helped raise funds for social development initiatives supported by Safer Together.


Holiday programme for children in Lavender Hill

The holiday programme started as an initiative coordinated by Safer Together to find a solution to prevent children coming into Muizenberg to beg – as they are then often exposed to other risks.   In discussions with Western Cape Street Children’s Forum and Village Care in Lavender Hill, it was decided to test the concept by running the project during the first week of December. Marion Wagner from Safer Together sent articles to local papers, The Echo, People’s Post and Scenic South, calling for volunteers, and Safer Together donated R3000 to fund food and art materials.

The programme started on Monday 3 December, targeting children from Capricorn and Lavender Hill who currently don’t attend school.  The children enjoyed a range of activities offered by various volunteers.  Matthew, a regular at the drop-in centre, gave a very touching thank you speech to the volunteers when the programme ended.

Ralph and Debbie Muenstermann, both volunteers with Justice Acts, did amazing craft activities around the themes of “me”, “my family” and “my community”, and helped the children to make a chalk mural on a section of the wall at Village Care.

Kai, a yoga instructor, held a fun activity which was among the favourites.  Zoe, a local Muizenberg artist, had the children make stunning collages of themselves. Truida, of Safer Together, ran two workshops on Problem-solving and Assertive communication.

Veronica and Naomi (volunteers from the USA), Anna (a volunteer from Finland),  Sarah and Margaret (Safer Together) from Muizenberg, were there to lend a hand. Carina baked cookies for the children and Maryatta, a professional photographer from Germany, took photographs.

Homeless Initiative

For some 20 months Safer Together and other community based organisations have been working with the City of Cape Town Department of Social Development to progress the plight of homeless people in our community. We have finally been advised that the facility that was identified by the community was not available and that we will have to find an alternative site. Although this is disappointing, the time has facilitated the building of good relationships with key people in the City of Cape Town Department of Social Development and Law Enforcement, Displaced People’s Unit.

A thought-shop workshop was held on Saturday 15 December where all stakeholders contributed to ideas to respond to the issue of homelessness in Muizenberg in a wholesome manner. Various stakeholders including Neighbourhood Watch Associations, the Muizenberg Improvement District were represented at the workshop.

City of Cape Town Fieldworkers have been appointed in the Muizenberg area and we look forward to monitoring the impact of these fieldworkers.

Safer Together also supported, under the City of Cape Town’s Give Responsibly Campaign, the provision of meals for homeless people (by amongst others the Anglican Church) on Christmas Day.



The Muizenberg Improvement District

The Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative

False Bay College

Muizenberg SAPS

Mountain Men

Grit Security

The Masque Theatre

Kalk Bay Theatre

Cape Town Tourism – Muizenberg Office

Knead Bakery

Empire Café

The Board Room

Neigbourhood Watch Association


Common Purpose

Casa Labia

Bombay Chilli

Carla’s Mozambican Restaurant

Johnno’s Bistro



Café du Metro

Western Cape Street Children’s Forum


Safer Together continues to serve its mandate of fundraising for community safety initiatives and working towards building community.

We thank you all for your kind support during the year and we look forward to seeing you all again at the various community activities. We also encourage you to support the Safer Together volunteers as we help make our community a model for working together and building the kind of community where we all can live in harmony.