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2009 Review

It is said that 'things in Cape Town take 9 months to happen!' Of course this may be coincidence, but it took the initial activities of Safer Together 9 months to come together, formalize a plan and register a section 21 company to support the objectives of a community initiative of residents in the Greater Muizenberg area to:-

  • help raise awareness of safety and security issues that affect us all
  • bring people from the different communities together
  • and raise funds for equipment and relevant projects to promote safety.

Safer Together works closely with all relevant stakeholders such as the Neighbourhood Watch Association network, the Community Police Forum, False Bay Tourism and Business Forum and Muizenberg Improvement District.

2009 Milestones

We thought to let you know what's been happening with Safer Together and its partner organisations in the last 9 months!

Muizenberg Moonlight Meander

In December 2008 we held the inaugural Muizenberg Moonlight Meander, a simple idea to get people to walk together on our beach. This monthly event has become so popular that it is held throughout the winter months!

Our last Muizenberg Moonlight Meander attracted some 80 people who joined in the walk along the beach. We raise funds through receiving donations of at least R5 in exchange for a candle.

More importantly we are starting to connect with each other as a community and we even have people joining the walk from as far afield as Rondebosch and Cape Town. This of course is made all the more pleasant by our partners, the Neigbourhood Watch Association and local businesses on the beach that support this initiative.

Our next Muizenberg Moonlight Meander takes place on 5 September at 6.30 pm and we look forward to seeing you there!

Theatre Evenings and Dinners

In February we held the Sindiwe Magona Un-Masqued book launch at The Masque Theatre. It offered the opportunity to meet this multi-award-winning author and internationally-known speaker. Together we explored her latest book Beauty's Gift.  Sindiwe did readings from the powerful, yet warm book about how AIDS affects the lives of a group of young professional women who are close friends.   She also shared some of her poetry – and of herself.

In April we enjoyed the All You Need is Love Gala Evening at the Masque Theatre. All You Need Is Love, devised by Coleen van Staden and co-directed by Celia Musikanth for MADS. This fast-paced show traces the journey through the life and times of Liverpool's "Fabulous Four". A large talented cast of singers, actors and dancers entertains with Beatles songs and snapshot-moments that depict the group's meteoric rise to fame - from humble beginnings to their eventual break-up in 1970. 

The Gala Evening at The Masque will be an annual event hosted by Safer Together.

We also had a wonderful evening at the Harbour House dinner in July with our speaker being Marc Anthony Zimmermann, a.k.a MaZ, the founder of The Broccoli Project, which was recently nominated by The City of Cape Town to participate at the HIT Global entrepreneurship in Barcelona.  After being judged by seasoned venture capitalists, government and business leaders,  this social initiative walked away with 2 awards, placing second out of 24 countries and winning the prize as project with best social value.  He shared with us what made him move from an exciting career in IT, and the principles of the success of this enterprise to empower communities and individuals.

We will continue to partner with the Harbour House to host these sumptuous evenings!

Activists for a Safe Muizenberg

In May we invited the community to share ideas for a safer community and our guest speaker, Barbara Holtmann, is in demand both locally and internationally for her findings on how people working together can prevent community violence, and reduce the opportunities and causes of crime.  She has developed and shared with audiences all over South Africa and elsewhere, ways to promote safe societies in which all can play a role – rather than having merely a security and punitive justice approach.

The workshop was participative and interactive, which meant that everyone had the opportunity not only to benefit from the expertise of our guest speaker and explore areas of personal and group concern, but to contribute from their own experiences, and to learn from the experience of others. The outputs from this workshop now forms the basis of the Youth Development Initiative and we will let you know more about this soon.

 Huis Hoop and support for children living on our streets

Around June this year it became evident that the residents of Muizenberg were being challenged by some children living on the streets. A collaborative strategy was developed to address this and a proposal submitted to the Muizenberg Improvement District Board. A further workshop was held in August to take the ideas for youth programmes forward and a follow up session is scheduled for September. We are please to advise that the MID's appointment of the street worker and the coordinator and the re-opening of Huis Hoop all coincide on 1 September 2009! We will continue to support the MID and other partners who work with this initiative.

Women's Day Event – Sisters4Safety

This event was jointly arranged by  Muizenberg Community Police Forum, Safer Together,  False Bay College, the Neighbourhood Watch Association, Applauz Arts Initiative, MID & Ratepayers' Association. Our programme included:- How to promote your own safety – Practical demonstration by Ryana Johnson & Juergen Kahle; Communication for personal empowerment – Practical session by Melanie Burke & Truida Prekel;  A personal story shared by Rita Jacobs; Entertainment by the well-known singer Natalia da Rocha and her "Applauz" group; Singing and dancing presentations by students of False Bay College  and Sharing-and-getting-to-know-each other over lunch.

We invite you to let us know how you can contribute to a safer Muizenberg.

We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you as we plan our programmes into the future for a safer Muizenberg.

Yours sincerely

Melanie Burke (Chair: Safer Together)