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Moonlight Meanders

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Dec 10, 2012

Muizenberg's Homeless

Seeking Safer Solutions for the Homeless

Safer Together has been collaborating with several other community organisations and individuals over the past 18 months, to find a way to work with the City of Cape Town to help find solutions to issues around homeless people in Muizenberg.  Three community meetings have been held, with concerned people keen to find a workable, humane solution.  In the past year, a team consisting of Safer Together’s Melanie Burke, Peter Dugmore, Marion Wagner and Truida Prekel, and Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) directors Elizabeth Milne and Steven Frankal have met several times with City Councillors and officials.  Several team members are also members of the MCSI neighbourhood watch.   

Progress on this very complex problem has been slow.  We motivated strongly that the Zandvlei Community Centre, belonging to the City, be made available as a centre for the homeless, as it was an ideal venue and location. We had been hoping that a decision to use it for Traffic services could be reversed, but have heard that this cannot be done. We have now requested the city to help to find a suitable building in Muizenberg for a centre for assessment, rehabilitation, and skills training, as well as accommodation for the small group of “chronically homeless” in the village.

The team is also working – with the City’s Law Enforcement and Social Development departments, MID, MCSI members and GRIT security company – on a plan to deal with the expected influx of homeless people in Muizenberg over the holiday season, and to offer support and alternative accommodation to the “regulars”.  However, criminal or illegal activity by people “hiding” among – and often preying on – the homeless  and children on the streets will also be acted upon strictly by Law Enforcement and SAPS.

We strongly support the City’s “Give Responsibly” campaign, and request all people to resist the temptation of giving money or food to homeless people or street children, as that just perpetuates the problem.  Social Development has approved that Safer Together handles donations for street people in our area, and we will ensure that funds are used in projects to uplift and rehabilitate people. Banking details for donations can be found on our Support page.